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NAPMAIDES Chairman Clarify issues as members distance from the purported suspension




By Prince Oyelude Oladede

My attention has been drawn to a fake publication of some unscrupulous elements of National Assembly, positioned themselves to be leadership of the National Assembly Progressives Media Aides (NAPMAIDEs), claiming that they have suspended me as the Chairman of the NAPMAIDEs over financial misappropriation, abuse of power, disregard to association constitution among others.The major reasons behind this fake attempt by those unscrupulous elements are mainly:

A. To blackmail me because of my ambition for APC National Youth Leader;

B. NAPMAIDEs stand in support of Senator Mohammed Sani Musa for APC National Chairman;


C. Their selfish and personal interest to woo me and ensure NAPMAIDEs endorse either Sen. Rochas Okorocha, Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu and His Excellency, Prof. Osinbajo for President ahead of 2023 in which I have resisted to decide singlehandedly, even as a Chairman.

I could have not dignify the fabricators of such fake publication with response but for the sake of clarification against their planned attempt to blackmailed me, I decided to respond with facts.

1. That the said National Assembly Progressive Media Aides (NAPMAIDEs) is my PERSONAL INITIATIVE, created to strengthen the relationship among the progressive parliamentarians, the party and the general public through prompt and effective information dissemination for the progress of our great party, the All Progressive Congress APC.

Also to promote and project every activities and intervention projects of all the Progressive Parliamentarians on media, this include social, print and electronic media platforms as well as direct engagement as we work towards the progress of our great party, the All Progressives Congress(APC).

2. That the letterhead paper used for the porported suspension is FAKE. It was designed for the perfection of their evil plans as the PHONE NUMBER on their fake letterhead thus not conform with my phone number which is 08135063836. Also, NAPMAIDEs Logo on their letter head is FAKE.


3. That the accusation on financial misappropriation, abuse of power, disregard to association constitution among others was a scare mongering, not rooted in facts. I saw it as an attempt to create unnecessary tension in the polity of NASS, Osun State and Nigeria as a whole. I also saw it as an attempt to malign my reputation against my aspiration for APC National Youth Leader.

On the accusation of financial misappropriation, those disgruntled set of aides accused me and the Senate Leader, Distinguished Senator Abdullahi Yahaya Abubakar that he promised to support the NAPMAIDEs with #300,000 when we visited him and they said he failed and releases #200,000 in which it was only #100,000 he gave to the group which was handed over to our Treasurer by the Media Aide to the Senate Leader.

Still on the financial misappropriation, I advise those guys in a meeting to invite the Senate Leader’s media aide, Mal. Ibrahim Arugungu for questioning and if possible, they can as well visit the Senate Leader’s office to investigate through his personal assistant or the Senate Leader himself. But, because of the evil they plan to achieve, I became their targeted accusee.

In addition, those guys also accused me of collecting money from Sen. Rochas Okorocha the day NAPMAIDEs of about 20 members visited him and presented a birthday gift to him. Though, I received a lot of calls from many Nigerians when they saw my pictures with Rochas online, thinking I have cash out from the former Governor of Imo State but I am saying it openly that, I do not collected penny from Sen. Rochas Okorocha and non of my legitimate members collected kobo from the Senator as I know, his Media Aide and one of his aide who’s also an instigator, Emma Junior can attest to this fact.

Also, those misfortune guys accused me that I collected millions of Naira from Distinguished Senator Mohammed Sani Musa and use the National Assembly Progressive Media Aides (NAPMAIDEs) to endorse him for APC National Chairman. I was astonished and I asked myself if I can be so greedy to an extent that I will collect millions of Naira and non of them will drink pure water from such money.


The accusation started by Kenneth C Cole who is just a non documented aide to Senator Orji Uzor Kalu. Kenneth and his cohorts are loyalist to Sen. Alimodu Sheriff who’s also contesting for APC National Chairman. They’ve collected money from the ex-Borno Governor and that was why they were not in support of Sen. Mohammed Sani Musa before NAPMAIDEs endorsed him for APC National Chairman.Before the endorsement of Senator Mohammed Sani Musa, we fowarded letter for courtesy visit to the office of both Sen. Sani Musa and Sen. Almakura but only Sen. Sani Musa honoured our letter and when both of them display their interest for APC National Chairman we unitedly believe that the antecedent of Sen. Sani Musa and his accessibility gesture will favour our the ruling APC and our group the NAPMAIDEs.

Few weeks before we plan for Sen. Sani Musa endorsement, the same Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu media aide, Kenneth; aide to Sen. Rochas Okorocha, Emma Junior and one Maxwell Gowon, former aide to Hon. Saleh Gabriel who was sacked by his boss, raised an objection that almost kill our plans. Maxwell Gowon claim to be very close to SLA to Sen. Almakura and he promise to reachout to Sen. Almakura through his SLA and as a united body, we gave him one week to do that. Unfortunately, he came back with a claim that the SLA is not picking calls, added that we should go ahead with the endorsement of the Sen. Mohammed Sani Musa.

Before, we the endorsement of Distinguished Senator Mohammed Sani, we agreed not request for financial support from him. I approached Mr Wale Bakare who’s the SA Media to the Senate president and favourably, he provided venue, media presence and banners. We also consider the antecedents of Sen. Sani Musa and we discover that he will be an asset to the ruling All Progressives Congress which gave us courage to support him.On the endorsement day, Kenneth who’s the media aide to Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu and Emma Junior who’s the aide to Sen. Rochas Okorocha absconded and refused to pick calls in the fear of their previous financial relationship with Sen. Alimodu Sheriff.

Unfortunately, same Kenneth, Emma and Maxwell were the one accusing me for collecting millions of Naira from Distinguished Senator Mohammed Sani Musa before he was endorsed. The question is, must we the youths collect money before supporting credible leaders that will pave way for us in the nearest time?

In a meeting, I advise the accusers to visit the SLA, P.A or even the Senator himself that I collected money from their office before the National Assembly Progressive Media Aides (NAPMAIDEs) endorsed him for National Chairman of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC. But they already have their fake plan which has failed on arrival.


4. That the accusation of my disregard to the association constitution, I wish to ask which constitution are they talking about? I am the initiator of NAPMAIDEs and no existence of hard copy of NAPMAIDEs constitution as at today, we only have a copy that I drafted, forwarded to each members and well saved on my phone. And in the constitution, there are due process in the removal of the Chairman or other leaders of the group. It can’t be an arrangement of fake names, fake signatures on a fake letterhead by fake and evil people who feel intimidated by the progress and development of their colleagues.

Also, I decided to act on the drating of NAPMAIDEs constitution after we instructed one “charge and bailed” lawyer called Barr. Maxwell Gowon who was recently sacked by his principal in National Assembly, failed to take action on the constitution.5. That some signature of some signatories of the said letter were forged on a fake NAPMAIDEs letterhead by the evil crooks. Below are details of each signatories with fact:

i. Iriekpe O. Bright also known as Ekundayo Omoniyi Bright is from Edo State, he is the media aid of Rep. Prof. Julius O. Ihonvbere, OON, OGI. I sold the aims and objectives of NAPMAIDEs to him and I brought him on board and since then, he has been eyeing my position in the group. When we started, we tax ourselves to contribute so that we can have our letterhead and other needs but unfortunate, he was the only one who failed to make sacrifice for the progress of the group, the most unserious southerner who’s just a bait in the hook of a kindergarten northerner.

ii. Esther Aaron Hillary is just a non documented aide of Hon. Sunny Goli. I made her Treasurer of NAPMAIDEs with responsibilities but it’s unfortunate, her interests are questionable.

iii. Kenneth Udeh is a non documented media aide to Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu. I brought him to the fold but from the beginning, his interest was to be the head of the group. Also, his expectation was for NAPMAIDEs to endorse his principal for President in which I will never allow.


iv. Emma Junior is just a secretary to Sen. Rochas Okorocha who took us to his principal birthday, we presented birthday gift to him which enable most of them to accuse us of collecting money from the Senator in which we do not even drink a sachet of water in his vineyard. Thinking NAPMAIDEs will endorse him for President in 2023.

v. Olusada Olamilekan is a Secretary to Hon. Sadipe Akande from Oyo State. I brought him on board, he’s too busy for the group since he joined. He wasn’t in their planned meeting yesterday but he instructed them to sign the fake letter on his behalf.

vi. Oluniyi Isamotu is my brother from same constituency, the media aide to Distinguished Senator Adelere Oriolowo. I brought him on board with reservations. They signed on his behalf according to him but his failure to debunk it on our WhatsApp made him a culprit.

vii. Umar Abdullahi Kafi is an aide to Hon. Manu Soro from Bauchi state, he is just a political kindergarten who only follow instructions of any coup d’état.

viii. ABBA Audu is the Media Aide to Hon. Zannah Usman of Borno. He’s an innocent member of NAPMAIDEs who against the unsuccessful coup d’état. They wrote his name and signed on his behalf but he quickly write a rebuttal against such impersonating action.


ix. Adamu Ibrahim is the media aide of Senator Aishatu Binani. Adamu Ibrahim is the Commander in Chief of the coup. I sold NAPMAIDEs initiative to him but it’s unfortunate, he’s an expert in factional politics, using his Northern ideology to initiate and confuse the gullible Southerners. He perfected the fake suspension, a failed attempt on arrival.

x. Bashir Suwaid is a non documented media aide to Hon. Hafiz Ibrahim Kawu. Hon. Kawu is the former P.A to Prof. Osinbajo. I got Bashir number from his boss and I brought him on board. I created an office for him as the Assistant Publicity Secretary of the group but it’s unfortunate, he continue accusing me wrongly about the fake allegation on the money from the Senate Leader. Bashir Suwaid encouraged me to give Prof. Osibajo support for President, I told him that Osinbajo is not bad, he will be a good presidential candidate but I can’t take such decision unilaterally, we must seat down as a group and decide. I think I got it wrong with him since that very day and that was why he exit Kano where he base to come and sign a fake letter in Abuja. May Allah forgive his tresses.

xi. Engr. Bashir Ibrahim is the P.A and Media Aide to Hon. (Engr.) Sani Bala. An innocent Bashir Ibrahim was on the sick bed in Kano when those crooks use a blue ink to write his name and sign on his behalf. He called me and curse the perpetrators.

xii. Malachi is an aide to Hon. Joseph Asuku Bello from Kogi State who always claim to an age mate of his principal but failed in maturity. He’s a coup planner without ideology. His plan to create a group like this failed and I brought him on board unknown to me that he is interested to seat on same chair with me.

xiii. Olaitan Adeyanju is an aide to Sen. Lola Ashiru. She wasn’t in the film and she wasn’t in their planned meeting, they signed on her behalf and she failed deny her involvement which made her a culprit in the scene.Seven of them held the evil planned meeting, one of them dissociated himself from the coup, how come they gather the fake signatures on a fake letterhead?


They think I wish to use the National Assembly Progressive Media Aides (NAPMAIDEs) to endorse a particular candidate for president in 2023, hence, call for my porported failed suspension.At this point, I must inform the general public that my porported suspension is baseless and can never hold. It’s impossible to chase out a landlord from his constructed house, I remain the Chairman of the National Assembly Progressive Media Aides (NAPMAIDEs).

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