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If l Were A Personal Assistant or A Media Aide



By Abubakar Hamidu (Haamidu Jr.)

If I were a media aide or an assistant to some politician—my focus and emphasis will be centred and driven towards showcasing and convincing the public on how hardworking and steadfast my boss is, how committed he is towards improving the public welfare and human capital of his subjects, the infrastructural developments and feats recorded during his tenure, his investment in his aides whilst making myself a point of reference; the role he played in changing my life, his contributions to my personal, educational and professional growth.

Do some personal assessment and scrutiny—where were you before being appointed as an aide to your boss and where are you now? Is there a substantial or ample overturn in your life—be it financially, intellectually, or even spiritually? If your boss couldn’t significantly change your life in any of the aforementioned domain, what gave you the confidence and hope that he can change our society? That will be my mania—not excavating hate, not discrediting my bosses’ adversaries, and definitely not developing bad blood for myself among my peers.

It beats me how some even go to the extent of insulting and offending one another all in the name of promoting their bosses candidature. Friend—here is a sad reality; your boss wouldn’t mind selling you off at the slightest opportunity or chance he/she gets or hanging you out to dry. Do well to get me right—I am in no way exhorting disloyalty to your bosses, all I am expecting from you is to try and figure out a way of promoting his/her interest while maintaining a good relationship in your day-to-day dealings with your friends, your family and likewise conserving mutual respect while engaging members of your opposition team. No one knows what tomorrow holds, especially when politics is the subject matter—where impossibilities turn to possibilities overnight.

Yes, there is this consensus of politics agreed to being a dirty game and against all senses of morality. However, that shouldn’t be an alibi or an avenue of propagating the situation and trying non-stop in contributing to its dirty nature, we are making it even dirtier than it is. Don’t go to the extent of destroying your career in an attempt to stimulate your bosses’ victory or exonerate him from his failure. Believe me when I say I don’t need such a boss, any boss that would direct me to do such a myopic task is not worthy of being my boss.


I can not help the fact but admire Amb Ahmed Umar Bolori’s unique strategy and way of promoting his principal, it is the best and healthiest for me. No hate, no sentiments, no presumptions, no supposition, no propagandas or whatsoever, just “facts” doing the talking. As an aide or assistant, your primary job is to protect and promote your bosses’ interests and agendas while staying clean and decent.

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