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By Bala Ibrahim.

Kano, it’s people and the lovers of justice all over Nigeria and beyond, went to bed last night with a high sense of solace, pursuant to the decision of the court yesterday Monday, to remand in prison, the confessed killer of little Hanifa Abubakar, the 5 year old Kano pupil, whose life was cut short by her wicked school teacher. Additional joy came with the words of reassurance from Governor Ganduje, who visited Hanifa’s family same yesterday, with the promise that he would sign the court judgement, once the suspect was judged according to the crime he was accused of. Governor Ganduje is not ready to play politics with the life of such a fine pupil.

The suspect is accused of the murder of Hanifa, and we hope he would be sentenced to death for such murder. Should Ganduje make haste in appending his signature to effect the execution of the idiot, the relief and relaxation that would follow, would surely take away a lot of anxiety and distress from the hearts of many, including the malice held by his political enemies. Yes, a mischance that came through Hanifa, may melt and merge a malicious and malevolent situation, that is threatening the political stability of Kano state. The people’s anger was pacified when Ganduje personally apologised to the girl’s parents and the people of Kano, especially when he stressed that, there was no use for such a person like the killer of Hanifa, to continue to live in the society.

Thank God, a mischance that came through Hanifa, may melt and merge a malicious and malevolent situation that is threatening the political stability of the state. Knowing that stringent sentences are the best punishment for people who commit such despicable acts, Governor Ganduje reiterated same, as a consequence that would instil fear in the minds of others, that may be nursing the plan of carrying out such a crime in future.

For some time now, the political temperature of Kano has been at the opposite of cool, pursuant to the crisis that pits Governor Ganduje against a group of his party members, led by the former governor of the state, who is now the senator representing Kano Central, Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau. The two factions had held parallel congresses and produced two sets of state executives last October. While Governor Ganduje’s faction produced Abdullahi Abbas as state chairman of the party, Senator Shekarau’s faction elected Haruna Danzago to the same position, and the court had since ruled to recognize the Shaekarau faction, pending the decision of an appeal court, which has reserved judgement on the matter. Governor Ganduje and his old political friend or ally, who is also the former governor of Kano, Engineer Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso are also embroiled in disagreements. These political disagreements, are terribly heating up the temperature of Kano politics, in a manner many see as capable of creating an irresolvable conflict.


The demise of Hanifa is now beginning to bring a meeting point of minds, as virtually all the feuding factions have turned the Hanifa homicide an issue that matters more than politics. Yes, a mischance that came through Hanifa, may melt and merge a malicious and malevolent situation that is threatening the political stability of the state.First to visit Hanifa’s house was Mallam Ibrahim Shekarau, where he vowed to personally pursue and get justice for the family of murdered Hanifa.

In commisorating with the bereaved family, Senator Shekarau said he will do all it takes to make sure they get justice. “A heartless murder like this must not be swept under the carpet. I will personally make sure your beloved daughter gets justice, no matter what it takes. I will make sure I pursue this case to a logical conclusion and in the end, our murdered daughter will get justice”-Senator Shekarau.Former governor Engineer Rabiu Musa kwankwaso was equally in the Hanifa house on the same day Senator Shekarau visited, and like Shekarau, he assured the family of the 5 year old girl, that her killer would not get away with the murder. He said, the killer, Abdulmalik Tanko, who had confessed to the murder and burying her in a shallow grave in his school premises, Noble Kids Academy, Kwanar Dakata, must be punished in accordance with the provisions of the law.The honour given to the death of Hanifa is bringing out the virtue of the recognition and respect for the value of life amongst people that were hitherto, virtually at daggers drawn, politically. The calamity of mischance, which has resulted in grief, is making all to see the need to honour and openly mourn someone. To honor your grief is not self-destructive or harmful, it is courageous, because love requires the necessity to mourn. Hanifa’s death has propped up the nature of grief, by presenting a particular challenge to the meaning of emotions, through the unification of political differences and psychological states.

Although Governor Ganduje did not mention in the open, what stimulant he is going to give the family in order to comfort, or console them for the loss of their only child, there is the concensus of opinion, on the need for the family to be given some serious post-traumatic psychological management and support. According to a concerned medical consultant, “the government should assist them for funded assisted reproduction methods like IVF, as a part of their post traumatic management template”.Yes, may Allah make the death of Hanifa, a mischance that may melt and merge the political malice in Kano, ameen.

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